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This just made my day.
Completely flawless, I hope to see more like this soon :3

Creepy, disturbing and awesome as always, wouldn't expect you to miss such an opportunity.
Nice one, loved it. Merry xmas!

Comick responds:

Thanks for watching it! Haha yes nothing more cheerful for the season then a visit from skitzo!

Hilarious, stupid and hilarious.
Although, there are a lot more games i love on the PS1 than the whole library of the Xbox, 360 and One exclusives together...

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Great game, I love the way you go in thinking the game is about teamwork and suddently you find out you're actually supposed to kill your teammates to win.

A great action game with decent platforming and elements from many known games. The protagonist's design slightly reminds me of Sparkster, the bosses look like Sonic boss fights, music sounds a lot like what you would expect from a Genesis/Mega Drive game and all in all the game is awesome, especially considering it was made in under 72 hours.

I loved the battery system and how it worked not only for the player, but also for the bosses, as they spend battery even when they attack you, in a full game with more levels, this mechanic could be explored and expanded in many interesting ways, so I love how you chose to implement the LD39 theme in that regard.

I didn't experience any of the lag people commented on, but I had a few issued with some design choices. First level was 10/10, great introduction to the game and how it worked, but level 2 has too many colors in the background, making it hard to tell not only where you are, but also where enmies and enemy shots are. On level 3, right after the rising lava section, there's a drop where you can't clearly see there's gonna be more lava right below you, and it can be frustrating not dashing out of it right away because you were not aware of the danger below. Also, customizable controls would have been nice, but that's just a minor rant, the default controls were fine (although, a double-tap dash could also have made dashing better for a lot of people).

All in all, awesome game, and I'm giving it 4.5 for making it so good in such a short deadline, loved it.

Great game, 5/5 for sure, only flaw I see is that Special pickups are way too frequent during bosses, so you can get too many bombs and thus both tons of damage and heal, making bosses kind of easy.
The last 2 bosses can still put up a rather decent fight, tho.

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This is really chilling and has a nice twisted touch there too. It would be great to see that in an horror game or video. Also, the smile on the pic could make into the same game or vid too. By the way, i hope you manage to sleep well soon... If not, make more songs like this! :D

Really awesome, keep that up!
I am thinking about making my first flash game and was thinking if you would let me use that song on it if the game ever comes to reality...

DiroNomer responds:

I don't mind at all. Thanks for the review.

Dammit, i clicked on 4 stars by accident... I'll have to vote it 5 every day for the rest of my life to make up with that. This song makes me go BeRzErK!!!

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Art... art always changes.
And it's always awesome when it comes from you, loved it!

Awesomely creepy as always... is that thing on the top-right corner a stapled dick?? '-'

Comick responds:

hahah thanks! also that demon causes nightmares about genital mutilation, so his head looks like a dick that has been cut down the center and then sewed back up. :)

So Hank is a freaking bad-ass bloody reaper and Tricky has 6 eyes? Whoa dude, you made them even better than they are in the original series, great job there!

Rhunyc responds:

Haha, I don't know about making them any better.. but thank you for the nice words anyways!

Nothing important to say here. Over and out.

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