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Art... art always changes.
And it's always awesome when it comes from you, loved it!

Awesomely creepy as always... is that thing on the top-right corner a stapled dick?? '-'

Comick responds:

hahah thanks! also that demon causes nightmares about genital mutilation, so his head looks like a dick that has been cut down the center and then sewed back up. :)

So Hank is a freaking bad-ass bloody reaper and Tricky has 6 eyes? Whoa dude, you made them even better than they are in the original series, great job there!

Rhunyc responds:

Haha, I don't know about making them any better.. but thank you for the nice words anyways!

I have a feeling this would look awesome as a wallpaper.
Good job, 5/5 for sure.

Really awesome, i loved it. I just think the Enderman is kinda bright, he shoud have darker colors, because he's originally black.
Anyway, if this was on a T-shirt, i would buy it for sure!

dommi-fresh responds:

the enderman caused alotta problems i am not gunna lie it was either too dark and hard to make out or too light but able to see the details.

Really good, you have talent with drawing.
Work a bit on the wings and especially the hands, they're looking kinda weird.

Really nice, the colors are great and it's really dark, which makes it real creepy. I also think that smile kinda looks like Jeff the Killer's.

I really loved it, very good job. Also, i loved what you tried to say with that, his name "Corruption" and the church in his head, i got it (i guess).

I loved it as much as i loved the last one.
I hope rating will be enabled soon, i wanna vote a 5 on this.

Yeah, i know how that's like... I loved it, too bad it can't be voten on yet.

Nothing important to say here. Over and out.

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