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This is really chilling and has a nice twisted touch there too. It would be great to see that in an horror game or video. Also, the smile on the pic could make into the same game or vid too. By the way, i hope you manage to sleep well soon... If not, make more songs like this! :D

Really awesome, keep that up!
I am thinking about making my first flash game and was thinking if you would let me use that song on it if the game ever comes to reality...

DiroNomer responds:

I don't mind at all. Thanks for the review.

Dammit, i clicked on 4 stars by accident... I'll have to vote it 5 every day for the rest of my life to make up with that. This song makes me go BeRzErK!!!

I really liked this song, i just think it was too calm for a final battle. I mean, i think it should have a great epic part at least in the end to sound as if you were really going to defeat your enemy once and for all. Still, great song, it's awesome.

Seriously, messing with people's nostalgia is such a cruel thing to do... But i loved it anyways, keep that up.

I simply loved this! The original Viridian was kinda eerie, but this... This sounds even scarier than Mt.Moon itself, seriously! I loved everything, especially the part when the piano plays solo, it gives me the creeps (in a good way, cause i like scary things).
Great job, seriously.

I really liked that one, and i love the original song as well, toughi think there's a note that's a bit lower than it should on the chorus (maybe it's intentional, i don't know).
I liked way it sound kinda blurry, but still i agree with Xenophaje, it should be a little more creepy, cause Mt.Moon has to live up to it's reputation as the second scariest Pokemon song in the R/B/G series (after Lavender, of course) and since it plays in a dark eerie cave, it sounds better when it's creepy.
Anyway, keep up the good work.

I really liked it, tough i had to turn up my headphone volumeall the way to the max so i could hear it.
Still, i am rating the song, not the volume, so 4.5/5 stars and 5/5 score.

I simply loved that, it's even better than the original 8-bit song (and i'm a big fan of 8-bit songs).
I just can't temember in what Pokemon that cave is in...

CheckeredZebra responds:

It has like level 4 geodudes and zubats, haha. Aside from being the first cave you go through (like kanto regions' Mt. Moon,) and having a secret passage in it, it's not that outstanding.

Great song, i loved it in all aspects!
I wonder why Newgrounds hates looping Sibelius...

Nothing important to say here. Over and out.

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